Monday, February 20, 2006

Stash Enhancement via Pa.

Straight back from our wonderful weekend at Chez K, I decided to celebrate President's Day by engaging in some commerce. I bought a digital camera, so I could show you my stash enhancement from Yarnings. What a great shop. Liz and I snuck out between big pretzels and double decker cupcake creations to get a fix.

I mostly took advantage of the sock yarn, since my LKS doesn't want to support the habit. I came home with: Fotissima Socka from Schoeller Stahl; two orange balls of Crazy; and two skeins of KPPPM in greens. Now this is my first Koigu purchase. Actually, it's the first time I've even seen the yarn in person. I really didn't have a choice -- I had to bring it home. While I was at it with the sock yarn, I threw in some 0s dpn just for fun.

I also bought some Dune by Trendsetter. I plan on wiping up a scarf to accompany my mom's shell that is so near completion I almost feel like putting it away to start something else. But wait ... I must finish by the closing cermonies!

Finally, thank you to Liz and family for a delightful time. This blog is great, but nothing replaces friends breaking Billy Bread.


Wendy said...

If you ask me, it's the Koigu all the way. Once you knit with it, you will wonder why you have lived this long without it!

Ann said...

I'm a Koigu virgin. I need to call you Mo and visit your yarn ... I mean you and the kids ...

Any pictures of the double decker cupcakes?

Liz K. said...

The double decker cupcakes were photographed by Karla, and as soon as she posts them to Shutterfly, I'll post one or two to the blog.

I have some Koigu of my own, and can't wait to cast on for a pair of socks for me.