Thursday, February 23, 2006

What I Didn't Do Yesterday, Or, Feeling Like Sasha Cohen

1. Lanudry
2. Dishes
3. Cook
4. Be particularly attentive to the children
5. Clean bathrooms in anticipation of guests this weekend.
6. Finish Jules, my Olympic goal.

I know that the Olympics are not over until Sunday, and that I cast on Jules many, many weeks before the Olympics. My goal, if you recall, was to present Jules to its recipient, my fabulously fancypants MIL, in person this weekend during her visit.

But alas. I am faltering at the finish line.

See, there were some unfortunate, but unavoidable hurdles. Like that we went bowling on Monday, and after having not bowled for at least 15 years, my forearms were very very sore, making knitting two sleeves with cotton very heavy and unpleasant. (And I lost. Turns out they don't put up the bumpers for grown-ups.) And then there was all the birthday festivities, which included my going to preschool with Rosebud, thus eliminating one major block of knitting time so close to the deadline.

But, in my defense, the judges should reward points for my dogged efforts to finish. To compensate for my aching arms, I separated the sleeves, and knitted each individually. This resulted in more comfortable and more motivating knitting, as progress was quicker. I stayed up well past midnight to finish the first sleeve. I did my finishing out of order to be more efficient, darning ends in as I went. And this morning, I knit at breakfast. I knit throughout lunchtime, and even knit during "special time" with Rosebud, which was an exception she awarded me for today only.

And finally, do I need to remind you that this sweater is in DENIM, so I have to knit everything 20% longer!?!

In this mad burst of knitting during every waking moment, I did manage to finish the sleeves and add the neckband. This afternoon, the shoulders were seamed, beautifully, I might add, with Nancie Wiseman as my guide. This is when I was very, very hopeful, and the fantasies of the presentation began. Should I hang it up on the dresser, or fold it neatly on her bed, so as to surprise her when she puts her bags in the guest room? Or should I wrap it in tissue paper and ribbon and give it to her like a gift?

Then, tonight, I sewed on one sleeve, carefully, beautifully, completely, until I realized it was waaaaay off center, so I picked out the yarn, cursed for about 10 minutes, and set the thing aside for tomorrow, my fantasies of winning the goal crushed by one mistake in the finish.

MIL arrives tomorrow around lunchtime, and her sweater will not be finished.

I decided I would rather MIL have a beautifully finished sweater then just a finished sweater. I may have some time to finish over the weekend, but if it goes in the mail next week, so be it. Tomorrow, I really must focus my attention on creating a presentable home for the in-laws and then we'll focus on the sweater.

I will have a longer post soon with pictures about the magic of denim, as well as recapping my correspondence with Polly and Ann, the denim gurus of all knit bloggers.


Anonymous said...

That's a rather harsh title, not that she will read it.

KnitPastis said...

Liz, Yes I do remember us talking about needles up at Yarnings. That is too funny!

Liz K. said...

Geez, anon, I just meant that I was feeling deflated, so close to the goal, but not quite getting there. I think, among a lot of things, that the lovely Ms, Cohen, to whom I bear no feelings of schadenfreude, might be feeling a little disappointed. What you read as harsh is my identifying a tiny bit with someone who finished short of their goal. Would you prefer I felt like Bode Miller? Speedy Francis?

Ann said...

It is ALWAYS better to take lots of time for the finishing. And I always forget what a pain in the arse it is ... Sleeves off, sleeves on, neckband knit, neckband unravelled,... I typically finish my sweaters 2 or 3 times when it's all said and done. And this my friends is why I am currently in love with seamless sweaters ...