Monday, February 20, 2006

XRK Philly PhieldTrip -- Yarnings

Mo and her fantastic family ventured up 95N up to the frigid climes of Philly this weekend to help us celebrate Rosebud's 5th birthday. We ate, had a birthday party, endured through kids' various sleeping dramatics, and of course, took a LYS Field Trip to Yarnings in Skippack, PA. A great yarn shop with a great selection, in a quaint little village that you could spend hours exploring. The shop is in an old house, so there is room after room crammed with beautiful yarn. I, if you can believe it, showing an incredible amount of restraint, bought:

one pattern book (Laines Du Nord Simple Knits 3) -- I am hoping that a shrug pattern in there will work with some Outback Mohair I have have languishing in my stash -- a sweater totally frogged, a terrible reminder of my biggest loser so far.

And only one lonely ball of yarn -- Lang Venezia -- intended for a ruffly edge on my pink Blue Heron wrap. Mo was more prolific, but I will let her post her latest acquisitions.

What a fantastic visit! We enjoyed every minute -- thanks for making the trek to see us.

I didn't mention that I did treat myself to some post-dentist-feeling-sorry-for-myself yarn additions -- some Encore Colorspun for another baby sweater and yarn for my Simply Lace Socks. As soon as we are all ready, we can begin our Simply Lace Socks KAL.

Jules Update: Finished the back and have knit almost 8 inches of both sleeves. MIL comes this week, so we'd better finish. I am planning a "Magic of Denim" report this week as I sprint towards the finish line!

XRK Charity Knitting Project: I would like to nominate the Dulaan Project for our first charity. The deadline is July 1st for the next shipment to Mongolia. Any other nominations?


Ann said...

Would have loved to have been there this weekend! Glad you guys had a blast! I can't believe that the Bud is 5 ...

I'll work on getting ready for the KAL. Dulaan project sounds great ...

Mo said...

Yes, I agree. Let's do Dulaan.