Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Knits for the Home

Some of you might have seen this as an almost-FO on the Summer of Stash site, but here is the pillow-that-used-to-be-a-sweater all finished. This was my Project Spectrum project for July.

Project Specs:
Yarn: Crystal Palace Labrador
Notes: This was an incredibly quick knit, because I deliberately chose the pillow by finding one that matched the size of the back of the sweater that was already knitted. So I ripped both sleeves and cardigan fronts, ripped the armscye shaping out of the back, and knit from there on US11s furiously for about two days. I seamed using a single crochet, and it creates a sort of rustic welt on the side.

Finally, the 5 buttons were sewn on yesterday with the help of my Rosebud.

All in all, a very satisfying knit, mostly because I have finally released a over two-year old UFO and turned it into a thing of comfort and beauty for my soon-to-be-painted guest room, which will soon see my co-blogger, Ann, who is coming next week for a short but sweet visit with the always witty BackBou and her lovely girls.

And the winner of the Hollywood Knits book is Brandy! E-mail me with your snail-mail address so I can get it to you!


Anonymous said...

Your pillow is gorgeous. I love the color.

iSeL said...

What a clever idea!! It looks very snuggly and inviting. Really pretty.

Have fun, you girls!

Martina said...

The pillow is great! A good idea for a UFO!

Ann said...

I cannot wait to see the pillow in person! I'm going to give you a call today about plans ... Hurray!

Anonymous said...

Eventhough we usually do a good job of hiding them or at least keeping them out of direct view UFO's weigh heavily on the knitters mind. I am so glad you lightened your load and what a delightful FO to boot :-)

Teresa said...

I love how that turned out. It is great getting rid of long time UFO. I love the button band, the pillow is just fabulous.

Anonymous said...

to me, it looks better as a pillow than as a sweater.

and having seen it firsthand last evening, you made a wise choice.

rock on, liz!

anne marie