Friday, August 04, 2006

Packing ... and yet, not ...

So today should have been a day of furious packing for our week in Vermont. I was supposed to have gotten the house ready for the painter (who will be working during this week), run all the errands, gassed up the car, shopped for car-trip food, and packed all the essentials. What did I do instead? I knit this hat ...

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted -- all from stash!
Needles: US 8s (straight), US 7s (circular, 24")
Pattern: It's from Mission Falls, Just Kidding: the chullo cap. I quite liked knitting it, that is until I had to weave in 42 ends. And then I had to crochet those durn thingies. And then put those freaking french knots everywhere around them. Besides that, it was a blast to knit. The knitting group at the Richmond Waldorf School is knitting up a bunch to sell at our Fall Bazaar. This one is the smaller size (4-6?). I will knit it in the round the next time.

And I did finish these socks the other day:

Yarn: Fortissima Colori (I lost the ball band, so that's all the information for that!)
Needles: US 2s
Pattern: 2x2 rib, top down, with heel flap -- I extended the ribbing down the heel flap, I'm finding that's more comfortable.

I'm trying to be more like Liz with all the particulars of the knitting -- yarn, pattern, and such. I'm off to pack now ... we leave at 3am so we can battle 95 while the kids are asleep. And then on the way home, I get to see Liz, Mr. Science, Rosebud, and Pepe!!!! Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Cute hat! But, the SOCKS!! The Socks ROCK! I've never seen Fortissimo Color work up quite like that. Cool!

Have a good vacation.

Liz K. said...

Love that hat! I am also so thrilled that Mission Falls is back in production. Put that yarn on your list to try sometime. Superwash, great colors.

Can't wait to see you guys.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Great hat, Liz! Isn't it rewarding to use stash that way? Thanks for dropping in on my blog today, and of course you may link to me - any time. Have a great time in Vermont. xox,

Hannah said...

Ooh, great hat! That'll be great for the bazaar!